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Debbie has been practicing the healing art of massage for over 20 years. To further her skills as a holistic healer, she returned to school to study mental health and counseling. In 2005, she graduated from Hardin-Simmons University with a Masters in Education and Counseling, and continues to pursue ongoing training in specialized areas of counseling.


Debbie enjoys helping people bring balance and peace into their lives. She believes strongly in the mental-physical-spiritual connection, and sees human interaction and relationships at the core of overall health and wellness. Her belief is that to have overall health, one needs to have successful relationships with those closest to them – partners, parents, children, coworkers, and others. Through her years of practice, she has seen the best healing with her clients who incorporated both physical and mental therapy into their wellness plans. For this reason, she sometimes integrates counseling with therapeutic massage, and yoga practice to help clients overcome stress and anxiety.


As a counselor, Debbie’s gentle and non-judgmental approach makes clients feel relaxed and comfortable discussing difficult issues. Many couples who worried about finding a counselor that fit both people’s needs, have found Debbie’s open-minded and fair approach to be a style that worked well for both parties.


Debbie continues to expand her learning, and participates in the Texas Counseling Association.





CALL (325) 669-9770 or click below to schedule appointment:

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About Debbie

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